Future Simple Studio is a Montreal-based architecture office founded in 2018. Our team is composed of architects and designers joined together by the ambition of crafting instinctive, human-focused environments at various scales.

We have a wide range of capabilities and experience, including commercial, residential, installations, furniture and digital projects. Our design approach is guided by a disciplined exercise of simplicity, and our built work has been recognized for its careful attention to detail, inventive space planning and harmonious use of materials. Through a considered exploration of form, texture and colour, we create spaces that evoke a visceral joy and comfort.

Collaborating with our clients is one of the greatest privileges of our practice—we make it our priority to be reliable creative partners, contribute enduring solutions, and foster consistently positive and fluid communications using the latest digital tools.

Our past work and partnerships give us the capacity to handle large architecture and design mandates. We choose to maintain a small, dedicated team and accept a limited number of projects. This ensures that all of our production is led directly by our founder, Christine Djerrahian and partner, Ernst van ter Beek. We are located in Montreal and New York, but engage with clients globally.



  • New Construction
  • Renovation & Additions
  • Permitting & Construction Docs
  • Facade Design
  • Mixed-use & Residential
  • Commercial
  • Installation 

  • Commercial Interiors
  • Custom Furniture
  • Exhibition Design

  • Branding & Identity 
  • Print & Packaging
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Web Design & Dev
    (no-code tool experts)
  • Video & Animation
  • Social Media
  • Content

  • Creative Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Feasibility
  • Launch & Implementation
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy


This studio is a kind of home away from home for all of us. It's a place where we are open, creative, and free. Despite having deadlines and stressful moments, we value transparency, hard-work, and respect above all. We are self-aware and mindful. We are intense but we take moments to pause. To laugh! To reflect. To appreciate. Ultimately, to contribute to our environments and communities through great design. We have a strong moral compass firmly rooted in the belief that the things we do every day can make a tiny difference somewhere, to someone. And that a tiny drop can turn into a ripple which may turn into a wave. We take our responsibility as architects and designers seriously while making sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We work in a flexible way: sometimes in the studio, sometimes outside in the fresh air, or in the digital land of video meetings. Some work even happens in an infinitely long Whatsapp thread between us where we share somethings and nothings, brilliant ideas and viral puppy memes. We are obsessed with creativity, and always seek ways to cultivate more of it. Our work is not prescriptive or hourly, it is human-focused and performance-based: we imagine that we are all holding up a table, each of us holding a leg. Everyone on the team needs to do their part to make sure that the table is even.

We've collaborated with top international companies big and small, and completed projects in all corners of the world. Our clients are our enablers. They allow us to make dreams come true—ours and theirs. We seek to add value to their projects and keep their best interest at heart, always. We make their problems our problems and we never just complete a task "because they asked us to" if it will not serve them well. We explore, experiment, and stretch what is possible for their projects. Want to collaborate? Contact us.


Christine Djerrahian
Ernst van ter Beek

Martina di Bacco
Aline Djerrahian

Axelle Karam
Chris Goussanou
Nadège Roscoe-Rumjahn
Matt Litvack
Doriane Nasarre
Lindsey Grothkopp
Nick D'Urbano
Christine Djerrahian
Founder, Principal MOAQ

Christine Djerrahian founded Future Simple Studio in 2018 where she leads the design of residential, commercial, and digital projects for public and private clients. Prior to FSS, she completed international projects at NYC-based Studio Dror, A+I, and Lemay. Her past clients include Louis Vuitton, NASA, Equinox and a number of globally-renowned developers like SHVO and Doğuş. Christine is a registered Architect and holds masters degrees with honours in architecture from both McGill and Columbia Universities. She has been a guest lecturer and critic at Barnard College and Pratt University.

Ernst van ter BeekPartner, Design Director

Ernst oversees all design at FSS by toggling between the worlds of architecture, graphic and product. Prior to being a partner at FSS, Ernst was a Design Director at WeWork and Studio Dror in New York where he worked with clients including Google, Tumi, Target, Pernod Ricard, Veuve Clicquot, and the Museum of Arts & Design. His award-winning work has been recognized internationally and allows our studio to consistently defy boundaries and create memorable experiences across all mediums.


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